The Corona-India Haiku poetry I downloaded and found a head and shoulders top on this chart. All I could do in this lock-down boredom is find something positive. I drew this and uploaded here. Here's a Haiku poem for interpreting the above chart. head and shoulders top—will it break or will it notwe'll just wait and watch.~Noel Lorenz... Continue Reading →

Us – Complex Odd-Even Poem

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels [Even words in odd lines, Odd words in even lines] UsOddly, you said it. I heard it. Yes, of-course, I know you've loved me. But is love all? What about togetherness?By Abhisek GhoshCopyright © 2019 by Abhisek Ghosh. All Rights Reserved. Word Sequence - 432543Odd Lines Sequence - 4 2 4 Even... Continue Reading →

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