Take Revenge or not?

Someone asked on facebook: My answer was straight and practical: After revenge, you wont find peace. Set them free. Move on. Their happiness is your happiness. This is your opportunity to better your life. Find a hobby, find a passion and follow it. Remember, everyone does not get a second opportunity to improve their life.... Continue Reading →

Women’s Day – my view

A woman should not have a special day in the whole year. If the tree only bears 'flowers' for one day out of 365 days, what will happen to the flowerless earth for the rest of the 364 days. The Feminine aspect makes the world a beautiful place to live in. Krishna can only feel... Continue Reading →

How to stay fit without even attending gym

We all want to stay fit, don't we? But going to gym is the hard part. Not any more. We can stay fit even without going to gym. Don't believe me, read below. A few steps to keep you fit and healthy. You don't have to carry that extra layer of fat around your waist. Your body can also look good which you can show off with various outfits.

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