Difference between American and British English from an Indian perspective

Someone asked on facebook: My answer to it from an Indian perspective: Spellings are easier in American English. That is what I found out bcoz I write my books in American English even after being taught British English since childhood. In India, we learn British English but nowadays people are leaning toward American English thanks... Continue Reading →

Us – Complex Odd-Even Poem

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels [Even words in odd lines, Odd words in even lines] UsOddly, you said it. I heard it. Yes, of-course, I know you've loved me. But is love all? What about togetherness?By Abhisek GhoshCopyright © 2019 by Abhisek Ghosh. All Rights Reserved. Word Sequence - 432543Odd Lines Sequence - 4 2 4 Even... Continue Reading →

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