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“I explore different situations and cultures. I try to bring them together with a twist that take form of interesting stories. My readers love to dive into my world of fiction to know more about the characters and their twisting tales. As a self-professed Fiction writer, I love bringing readers along into the deep, enticing worlds of my imagination. My passion lies in expressing the writer within me via a cannon of novels, novellas and short stories. I find self-publishing easy and affordable both for me and my readers.”

~Noel Lorenz

Abhisek Ghosh (Born in 1985) is better known by his pen name Noel Lorenz is an Indian author whose major was science at college and law in post-graduation. He is a full-time practitioner of Zen Meditation since 2013. He was born to Bengali parents and was raised in the city of joy, Calcutta (Now Kolkata), India.
Inspired by his grandfather, who was a writer but never published, writing has always been a passion from childhood. Publishing books is a dream come true. He is already working on two other novels which he claims to be even better than his first one. He has also written a few poems which he will publish in the coming future.
He now publishes his Hindi poetry on Instagram and English poetry & fiction writings on his WordPress blog. Visit his blog for current updates from him.

2019: Travel to Barsana and attending Mooji Open Satsang, Rishikesh
His family deity is Radha Krishna. His travel to Barsana (4th visit to Vrindavan) in February 2019 was of great significance. His devotion to Radha had brought him closer to Krishna over the past five years since his first visit to Vrindavan in February 2013. He had been meditating to discover himself. His path was that of Self-Inquiry and he practiced Zen meditation to bring his mind under his control. After he came back from Barsana he found that Mooji was holding free open Satsang in Rishikesh which was telecasted live through internet. He had come to know about Mooji a few months ago and had liked him ever since. He decided to attend the satsangs. On 20th February he started watching the satsang but did not continue more than 20 odd minutes as he had started reading something else.

On 21st of February he found that Mooji was holding another satsang and he watched it. He decided to watch the full satsang of 20th February. It was during this satsang that Mooji baba’s talks had led him to find himself for which he had been meditating so hard.

“My search through all these years just manifested in a moment, a millionth of a nanosecond. It was always there, I discovered it today.”

From his personal journal dated 21 February 2019

I have started writing regularly. From now on, follow my blog or you will miss the newest posts. I will try to be as creative as possible. I want to make writing my main profession so as to help others find themselves through self inquiry and give them joy with my fictions.

Peace be to all. Be Happy. Be Peaceful.

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