Just Telepathy (A Romantic Tale)

Copyright © 2020, Noel Lorenz. All Rights Reserved.This story was published by me in my Anthology 'SANGAMAM (vol.3)' "Who's this?" a frustrated Bianca was again disrupted in her meditation. A man from the other side spoke something in what seemed like an Asian language. She opened her eyes and tried to meditate again.  After a... Continue Reading →

Horror Trilogy – Love is Complicated! A Horror Trilogy Based on the short story 'Private Affair' from the Book - "Private Affair and Other Stories" Read the short story for FREE only on Kindle Unlimited. Author Website: Author Twitter: Author Instagram: Linkedin: LESS

A busy few days and a point!

Have been busy last few weeks finishing the 3rd book of the horror series. Browsing facebook, came across a few interesting questions. Thought, I should share one here. Someone asked: A Random Facebook question My answer: William Shakespeare, G Bernard Shaw, Rabindranath Tagore, Nicholas Sparks, J Archer and Robert Ludlum. Reading these authors taught me... Continue Reading →

Weekend is here

Have you had a great week? If yes, great job! If not, don't worry. Life has a window of opportunity open for you, every day. All you need is to start it with a positive mind and a positive attitude. Tell yourself: 1. I can and I will. 2.I am That. 3. I am successful.... Continue Reading →

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